Music education for children is an investment towards a lifetime of musical enjoyment and artistic development. The student commits time and money and the teacher dedicate the time and professional skills. The following polices will assure continuity of study and respect for teacher and students.

Tuition and Payment: 

  • For 2017-2018 year, the tuition rate for full-time students is based on 38 scheduled lessons during the school year and includes one recital.
  • Tuition fees are paid on a semi-annual basis
  • Tuition fees are due on or before the first lesson of the semester:
    60-min lesson – two payments
    45-min lesson – two payments
  • Tuition is non-refundable under any condition. No refunds will be given to student discontinuing mid-month or mid-semester.
  • $10 late fee for payments not received by the due date


  • Fall Semester: September 5, 2017– January 29, 2018
  • Winter Semester: January 30, 2018 – First week of July, 2018
  • Recital date: TBD
  • Holidays: No lessons will be scheduled on the following dates:

o Labor day: September 4
o Thanksgiving: November 21 – November 26
o Christmas: December 25 – January 1
o Winter break: February 19 – February 25
o Spring break: April 16 – April 22
o Memorial day: May 28

  • If you celebrate a ‘religious’ or ‘cultural’ holiday that is not listed here, I will reschedule the lesson if an advanced notice (one week) is given.
  • Summer Lessons (optional): Mid July – August 31, flexible schedule

Lesson Schedule for Full Time Students:

  • Mondays
    o First Lesson: 9/11/2017
    o Last Lesson for Fall Semester: 1/29/2018
    o First Lesson for Spring Semester: 2/5/2018
    o Last Lesson for Spring Semester: 7/2/2018
    o No Lessons Scheduled: 9/4, 12/25, 1/1, 2/19, 4/16, 5/28
  • Tuesdays
    o First Lesson: 9/5/2017
    o Last Lesson for Fall Semester: 1/23/2018
    o First Lesson for Spring Semester: 1/30/2018
    o Last Lesson for Spring Semester: 6/19/2018
    o No Lessons Scheduled: 11/21, 12/26, 2/20, 4/17
  • Saturdays
    o First Lesson: 9/9/2017
    o Last Lesson for Fall Semester: 1/27/2018
    o First Lesson for Spring Semester: 2/3/2018
    o Last Lesson for Spring Semester: 6/23/2018
    o No Lessons Scheduled: 11/25, 12/30, 2/24, 4/21

Cancellation and Make-up Lesson:

  • Missed lessons are made up due to the student illness, weather condition or teacher cancellation.
  • A lesson cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled to the best of the teacher and student’s ability.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of four makeup lessons per year (Sept to Jun/July).  Additional missed lessons are not made up and no refund is given.
  • No-shows, or cancellations without advanced notification (voicemail, email, wechat, or text before 12pm on the day of lesson) will not be given make-up lessons.
  • The lesson is considered to have been given if the student misses the scheduled make-up lesson for any reason.

Arrival and Pick up:

  • The entrance to the studio is located at the back of the house. The stone walkway will lead you to the entrance.
  • Plan to arrive a couple minutes before your scheduled lesson time. Please remove your shoes and leave them on the carpet inside the house.
  • Parents must pick up their children within 5 minutes after the lesson end time.
  • Students who are late cannot be guaranteed a full lesson.

Required materials:

  • Please bring to each lesson your violin and bow, rosin, shoulder rest, music score, notebooks, and all assigned music. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to offer you any missed material.
  • If you missed the important materials for the lesson, you may either get it from your home or miss the lesson. No makeup lesson will be offered.


  • There will be one studio recital per year, and all students are highly encouraged to perform.
  • Specifics will be provided closer to the recital date.

Summer Term Policies:

Year-round study is imperative for student progress. The summer term is part of the regular
course of study. Please indicate any time you may not be available for lessons, due to trips or
vacations near the end of the semester. Lesson scheduling during the summer term is flexible.



*This policy may be amended occasionally as needed. Studio clients may be notified of such amendments by letter, e-mail, or on the studio web site at least 4 weeks prior to the effective date of the amendments. All these forms of notification shall be considered valid and binding on both parties.